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In just over a year, My Extensionz has become a leading retailer of completely natural, 100% Fine Virgin Hair consisting of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with consistent access to a variety of unique as well as versatile virgin hair products that last for a very long time.


My Extensionz was established in 2012 by sisters Kehinde and Tawio Smith, who were driven by the lack of affordable, quality extensions available on the market. As avid extensions users, the sisters channeled this frustration and set out on a mission to not only find high quality and affordable extensions for themselves, but for all women experiencing similar issues. After several months of research, traveling overseas and using themselves as testers, My Extensionz was born. Through social media promotions and word of mouth, the sisters gradually gained a small, yet loyal client base. By 2013, MY Extensionz was operating two retail locations in Chicago and a thriving online boutique. My Extensionz accomplished something special; high quality hair extensions at a competitive price. Due to social media, excellent customer service, strategic branding and insightful marketing, My Extensionz has placed itself in the top-tier of the market and is currently regarded as one of the go-to companies for the highest quality virgin hair extensions.


“I have just ordered My Extensionz, and received an e-mail the following day to let me know my order has been shipped. Not only did my package arrive promptly the virgin hair was the best quality i have ever bought. I then received an email thanking me for shopping with my extensionz and a coupon code for my next purchase. I cannot beleive the warmth that comes off of these woman, they treat their customers as if they knew them forever. the quality of the customer service matches the quality of their virgin hair extensions and i wouldn't shop anywhere else. Cierra Bellats

“Let me tell you about myextensionz virgin hair. I have always been afraid to jump in a pool after getting my hair done out of fear of messing my hair up. Then one day my friend told me about my extensionz and i figured i would give it a try. I tried it out and to my suprise it wasn't like other extensions. I took the chance of jumping in the pool and after getting out of the pool i noticed my extensionz felt and looked natural. I now understand why my friend recommended using this virgin hair.” Josephine Campbell

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discounts may not be applied towards frontal and closure.